Goals & Basic Principles

Goals and Basic Principals.


  1. To teach Quran, Tafseer, Hadith, Aqeeda, Kalam, Language of Quran (Arabic literature), Urdu literature and other necessary and beneficial arts related to these sciences; and, thus provide complete Islamic teaching. In this way, efforts are made to make the students aware of the harms of modern period, un-Islamic customs and myths.
  2. To give the training of Islamic moralities and deeds and to produce Islamic spirit in life.
  3. To propagate Islam: safeguarding of religion and services in spreading Islam by writing and speeches. To create moralities, deeds and emotions like Salafe Sualihin and Khariul Quroon through education and propagation among the Muslims.
  4. To establish educational and training institutions at various places for spreading education to the Umma’t (public).
  5. To spread religious, educational and training awareness among Muslims.
  6. To establish hospitals, dispensaries and training camps for public welfare.


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