Urdu Diploma Overview

To popularize Urdu Language and its script across the country, the NCPUL has launched ‘One Year Diploma Course in the Urdu Language’ through Hindi and English medium. This course has received an overwhelming response throughout the country. Presently, 887 Urdu Study Centres are running in 26 States and 363 Districts. 60266 students including 29884girls have registered themselves for pursuing this course.

  • The course will start from 1st April of each year. Duration of this course is one year. The last date of Registration in the course is 28th February.
  • The Diploma Course has been divided into three parts.
  • In the first part Urdu script will be taught through Hindi and English medium to the learners. In this part, there are three assignments based on 20 lessons.
  • In the second part the lessons of easy Urdu grammar and comprehension are given to the learners. In this part, four assignments are to be completed based on 27 lessons.
  • In the third part the students will be introduced to easy Urdu Literature (Prose & Poetry). In Prose Section, three assignments are to be completed based on 28 lessons and in Poetry Section two assignments are to be completed based on 15 lessons.
  • Evaluation will be done on the basis of 12 assignments.
  • A final written examination will be held at the end of the session.
  • Diploma will be awarded only to those students who complete the 12 assignments successfully and pass the final written examination. Direct individual learners have been exempted from the written examination.
  • Arabic Language
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Life of Prophet
  • Arabic Writing
  • Dua
  • Students who can read and write Hindi or English language can take admission in this course.
  • Student’s educational qualification should be 10th or equivalent (desirable).

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