Admission Details

Jamia al-Banat al-Islamia was founded in 1996. It was founded for those girls who wanted both the religious and modern education and sought a good future for themselves. The Jamia provides them better educational opportunities in both the arena. The aim of the Jamia is to provide best education to the girl students who will play the bigger and a special role in building an ideal society.

1.New Admission:

The date of new admissions is announced in the beginning of the month of April, through the Notice Board and through both the Urdu and Hindi newspapers. There are limited seats and applicants have to pass the entrance test before the admissions. For new admission the candidates should have passed the School’s 7th standard. The candidate should obtain 60% marks in the entrance test. The Jamia gives the admission on merit base.

2.Age Limit:

There is no age limit to take admission in the Jamia but for the primary students it should be minimum 10 years.

3.Medium of Education:

The medium of education in the Jamia is Urdu. Urdu is the mother tongue of Indian Muslims. It is very easy to read and understand and most of the core books of religious education is in Urdu language. Therefore, the Jamia has adopted the Urdu language as the medium of education.

4.Academic Year:

The academic year of the Jamia begins from May and ends in April. The course books of the next year are given to the students soon after announcing the annual exam results so that the students have ample time to understand the next year’s course and prepare it properly. In this way, their new academic year begins without any delay.


During the academic year the examinations are held twice. (Half yearly examination and Annual examination.) Half yearly exam. is held after six month of the academic year and Annual exam in May, i.e., the last month of the academic year. The dates of the examinations are fixed by the Jamia Educational Committee. The notice of the exam is placed on the Notice Board one month prior to the commencement of the exams.